In Tallinn

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On the 26th of  July we have packed all our belongings in a lorry to have these driven to Tallinn on the 27th July. We had some great help loading and unloading our things from old and new friends, which made this move the smoothest move we have had so far. This was a real answer to prayer and we thank all who have prayed for this!

We have now been living in Tallinn for four weeks and our things have found a new place in our new house and we have been able to explore Tallinn a bit. We have had some great late summer weather which made it extra enjoyable to be living close to the sea again, so we have been regular visitors to the beach.

Tallinn is a beautiful city which dates back to the middle ages which can be seen in the city centre. The city is right on the north coast of Estonia and has about 420.000 inhabitants.  About half of the 1.25 million inhabitants of Estonia live in theTallinn area.

Over sea it is just 80 km to Helsinki (Finland), Saint Petersburg (Russia) is about 350 km to the east, Riga (Latvia) is 300 km to the south and about 400 km over sea to the west is Stockholm (Sweden). So inTallinn we are right between these capital cities that are all laying around the Baltic Sea.

According to official statistics Estonia is one of the most pagan places in the world, which means not many people believe in (a) god or practice a religion. We believe that Christianity can bring hope to the people of Estonia. In Tallinn we are part of the core team that is going to start a new Christian church inTallinn. For this we work together with a great English couple, Tim & Rachel Heath and their 2 daughters, who have been living inTallinn since March and who are also connected to our family of churches, newfrontiers.

We want this new church  to become a community where everyone feels welcome (especially non-Christians), that it is a place where people will care for one-another and help each other to get to know Gods love better and live a life shaped by this love that will have a positive impact on the communities that we are living in. We believe God will build His church in Tallinn and will continue to shape this over the years to come. Also we want our church to become a resource for new and exciting churches in Tallinn, Estonia and the nations surrounding us. We are looking forward to see how God will guide us in this!

In a weeks time Anna-Ruth and Vera will be starting at their new school and kindergarten. They are looking forward to this and especially Anna-Ruth has been preparing herself for this already for weeks by collecting all the things she needs and by creating a study corner in her room. We pray that they will settle in at their new places quickly and that they will make new friends there soon.

Anna-Ruth and Vera have made some good contact already with our neighbouring children where they go and play sometimes. We have also had some nice conversations with various other neighbours. This area of Tallinn feels like living in a village within the city.

There are so many more things to write about, but there is no time for this now. If you want to support us in prayer please pray for friendships, good relationships with the people around us, also for wisdom and insight in the culture and language development.

Many thanks and much love!


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