The Last Weeks

Dear friends,

Just a quick update. As you know we will be moving from Valga to Tallinn. The date we have for our move is the 27th July (Vera’s birthday). So today in 3 weeks we will be living inTallinn and will we yet again start a next chapter in our lives.

Our apartment will be on the 1st and 2nd floor

In Tallinn we will be part of a church planting team and we are really looking forward to how God will be blessing this and to the new people we will be meeting.

So our last weeks in Valga have started, which will be quite busy. In these weeks we will have some holiday and handing over the final bits church wise. Also on the 14th July we will have a church day away which we are really looking forward to. We have also started packing, Elisabeth is doing a great job here.

We would love you to pray with us for some good final weeks in Valga, bus also for the practical aspects of the move as also to find enough people to help unload inTallinn. Also a for a good start in Tallinn for our children, for new friends to be made and in September for a good start in kindergarten and school, as also for good starts of meaningful relationships for us as a family.

Thanks you all, it is great to serve an amazing God who has a great plan for everyone!

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